• Olympus SZ-14 Digital Super Zoom Camera - Red (14MP, 24x Wide Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD

The Olympus SZ-14: 24x wide angle ‘Super Zoom’ gets closer and sharper than ever with Multi-motion Movie IS

Bring holidays and special events back to life long after the event with stunning photo and video memories captured on this innovative Super Zoom, part of Olympus’ ‘Traveller’ camera series that now comes with Multi-motion Movie Image Stabilisation (Movie IS) and a massive wide angle optical zoom. Creativity is further enhanced by a whopping 11 Magic Filters digital effects, which now include the new Fragmented Filter.

Multi-motion Movie IS

The cutting edge technology of Movie IS complements the camera’s High Definition Movie capability by reducing blur. The result is that even when you’re filming fast moving subjects and simultaneously on the move yourself, the resulting HD video that is clear, crisp and vivid. Now Movie IS ensures that 720p HD recordings couldn’t be better defined, while allowing more adventurous and faster paced filming, including tracking shots without the need for a cumbersome tripod.

24x wide optical zoom & 14 megapixel resolution

Although compact in size, quality hasn’t been compromised. Offering a focal range the equivalent of 25-600mm in 35mm film terms that stays true to Olympus’ remarkable world class pedigree, users of the SZ-14 can zoom right in on close detail from afar without having to physically take one step nearer. A 14-megapixel resolution also helps ensure that shots are detail rich every time.

11 Magic Filters for turning the everyday into the extraordinary

Specifically designed to expand the creative potential of digital photography, this impressive function of the SZ-14 utilises in-camera image processing technology to effortlessly transform the everyday into extraordinary scenes. Simple to operate, the filters allow users to create entirely new worlds with their images. From vibrant colours and pencil drawings to mysterious or rounded perspectives, artistic spirits can magically turn ideas into reality. What’s more, most of the filters can be used when recording video as well as shooting stills – a first in the SZ-14’s product category.

Users can choose from Punk, Pop Art, Pin Hole, Drawing, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Sparkle, Watercolour, Miniature, Reflection or new addition Fragmented.

  • Punk: Pose like Sid and Nancy and have your world turned dayglo pink, with this fun feature that transforms your photos into crudely photocopied fanzine style images, but in a good way.
  • Pop Art: In the tradition of Andy Warhol, this effect enhances colours, making them stronger and more vivid. It creates high-impact pictures that express the happy, light-hearted feeling of the pop art style.
  • Fish-Eye: With its distorted 180-degree perspective, this filter reproduces the dramatic effect of a fish-eye lens. It lends a new perspective to the whole scene with a “round” effect.
  • Drawing: This filter gives the impression that subjects have been sketched on the fly by an artist just at the moment that inspiration struck. Images are transformed into line drawings for improvised, creative results.
  • Pin Hole: For an ethereal feel, Pin Hole reduces the peripheral brightness of images like an image seen through a pinhole. Added to this is a unique colour tone that results in a style that has an air of secrecy or portrays the feeling of being lost in another dimension or space.
  • Soft Focus: Give your portraits that romantic otherworldly look beloved of wedding photographers.
  • Sparkle: A Magic Filter that truly imparts a sprinkling of fairy dust, adding twinkling reflections to shiny objects.
  • Watercolour: With this option pictures are transformed into a watercolour painting framed by soft light.
  • Fragmented: This newest photos-only filter can be applied to a photo of a landscape or people to produce a collage of tiles that looks as if the photo has been cut up and reassembled, providing an almost three dimensional feel.
  • Reflection: A simulation of a magical horizontal reflection of your subject: for example as if it or they were standing next to perfectly still water.
  • Miniature: Capture your subject and present them as if on a toy town scale.
  • Get Closer and Sharper

New Telephoto Macro feature & background defocus for more professional looking results

Stunning macro photography is achievable with the Olympus SZ-14 from a distance of just 30cm away. Its wide optical zoom lens likewise gives photographers the opportunity to zoom right in on intricate details from a distance – such as a butterfly alighting on a flower – that would otherwise be disturbed and the shot ruined by a closer physical presence. Such a lens is also ideal for defocusing the background of an image, whilst keeping the main subject sharp, thereby providing more pro-like results.

Large bright LCD display for composition and review

With the Olympus SZ-14 users can enjoy their images on a large three-inch, high 460,000-dot resolution LCD display. There is also the ability to view them in glorious high definition on a flat panel TV set courtesy of HDMI output.

Eye-Fi card compatible

Connectivity is also enhanced by the SZ-14 being compatible with Eye-Fi media cards, enabling automatic wireless downloading of pictures, straight to your desktop, and facilitating photo sharing.

3D shooting & in-camera Panorama feature

The Olympus range is now enhanced by optional 3D shooting mode, lending images a striking sense of depth. This mode captures two shots from two different angles to create shots that can be viewed on a 3D compatible display. There are two 3D settings: Automatic and Manual.

An in-camera Panorama mode further allows for images with drama and beauty combined.

Dual Image Stabilisation

A bugbear of bigger zoom cameras is the propensity for camera shake at longer focal lengths, when shooting handheld or in lower lighting conditions. Olympus therefore offers not one but two means of reducing the potentially damaging effects of image blur.

As a further help, light sensitivity settings between ISO80-1600 are also manually selectable. Alternatively, turn on the built-in flash.

Pixel rich picture quality

The Olympus SZ-14 doesn’t just deliver the goods on paper. In practice, with a 14 megapixel top photo resolution, TruePic III+ image processor, and 720p High Definition video recording, the manufacturer’s trademark pixel rich image quality is very much in evidence – even when pictures are viewed on a large screen television via HDMI output.

Automatic aids make life easy

Thanks to automatic aids like subject-following AF Tracking, Intelligent Auto Mode (i-Auto), Scene modes (for example, Landscape, Night), Beauty Mode, Advanced Face Detection, Pet Detection, and Shadow Adjustment Technology to ensure perfect focus and exposure for any given subject, plus high capacity SDHC and SDXC media card compatibility so you never run out of storage space, slip a SZ-14 in your camera bag and you’re all set for photo excellence.

Quick photo surfing thanks to innovative software

Thanks to [ib] software images can be browsed, organized, and viewed by person, place, location or event.

USB battery charging

Connect the camera to a computer and let the battery charge while you save and organise your images.

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Olympus SZ-14 Digital Super Zoom Camera - Red (14MP, 24x Wide Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD

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